Your Personality Based on the Music You Like

Has anyone ever asked you about what type of music you like listening to? You may have noticed that you hesitate to answer this very simple question. This is because deep down, we are aware that our answer is a reflection not just about our musical taste, but also about who we are as a person. A music psychology scholar studied how our musical preferences are tied to our personality. Dr. Adrian North has discovered, based on a survey performed on more than 36,000 participants, that there is indeed a relationship between our personality and our preferred music:

1. Hip Hop or Rap:

If you like either rap or hip-hop, you may have the following traits:

  • High self-esteem
  • Not very friendly to the environment
  • Outgoing

These people enjoy every kind of activity related to music, including dancing and singing along. If you like rap or hip-hop, you don’t want to be confined in your headphones; you like sharing your music with other people. As an extrovert, you like to blurt out what’s on your mind without really thinking.

2. Heavy Metal:

If you’re a heavy metal fan, you’re said to have the following attributes:

  • Gentle
  • Reserved
  • Low self-esteem

Although heavy metal fans have low self-esteem, they are comfortable with themselves. They are also delicate, just as classical music lovers are – but they are younger.

3. Indie Rock:

This kind of music shows you have the following personality:

  • Lazy
  • Creative
  • Headstrong

Also the same as people who love heavy metal music, indie rock fans have low self-esteem. They are also open to experience new things, which is why they are considered more skillful in music.

4. Classic Rock:

If you like rock, but not the indie type, just classic rock, you’re one with the following traits:

  • Self-centered
  • Easygoing
  • Not hardworking

As classical rock has songs with intense life experiences, you also tend to use music to normalize and control your mood.

5. Punk Rock:

If you like this type of music, you’r

  • Energetic
  • Low on sympathy
  • Extraordinary

​As should be obvious, awesome music isn’t made equivalent. Contingent upon the stone assortment you like, your character will compare to it.

6. Other Music Types and Your Personality :

According to Dr. North, here are the other musical preferences and what they say about you:

  • Folk, Blues, or Jazz Music: Reflective, exceptionally inventive, and receptive
  • Country Music: True to one’s self, very empathic, extroverted, and hardworking
  • Pop Music: Not too creative, worrier, outgoing and likes to socialize, and with high selfesteem

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, the co-author of Dr. North’s study, says that our character can change with music. For example, an individual who is forceful can turn out to be much increasingly forceful in the event that the person tunes in to a specific kind of music that supports this frame of mind.

Content Source: stethnews

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